April 28, 2018

SPECIAL RELEASE! Proceedings of the 1990 India Women in Fisheries Workshop

In our fields of interest, we so often  overlook what has already been done.  In fisheries and aquaculture, previous women/gender studies are often forgotten because mainstream interest in them has waxed and waned and previous studies and workshops are forgotten. In addition, many publications from before the internet age are now difficult to find and new researchers and decision-makers have little knowledge of them.

We are very happy to announce one effort to ensure we remember the contributions already made.  Thanks to the executive of the Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch (especially Dr Nandeesha and Dr Mridula Rajesh) and Dr Bil Hansen, we can now present a full text-searchable version of the 1992 Proceedings of the 1990 AFSIB Workshop on Women in Fisheries.

The Workshop was held in Mangalore, Karnatka and contains materials that remind us:

  • what has changed, especially in the dramatic growth and globalization of the sector and in the greater recognition of gender roles now;
  • what has not, especially the very limited progress in improving the position and recognition of women; and
  • the challenges. In the case of this last point, Nalini Nayak’s keynote address – Fisheries – A Feminist Perspective – is a must read.


The reference is:

Sudhindra R. Gadagkar, 1992, Women in Indian Fisheries. Proceedings of the Workshop on Women in Indian Fisheries, 27 May 1990. Special Publication 8, 51 pp. Asian Fisheries Society, Indian Branch, Mangalore, India.

Cover credit: Muralikrishna, B.


  • Foreword H.P.C. Shetty p. 5
  • Preface Suhindra R. Gadagkar p. 7
  • Fisheries – A Feminist Perspective Nalini Nayak p. 9
  • Women Fish Vendors of South Kerala and their Efforts to Organise  Alleyamma Vijayan p. 12
  • Fisherwomen’s Problems and Their Social Participation in Chidambaranar District of Tamil Nadu B. Ahilan and P. Selvaraj p. 16
  • Problems of Women Workers in the Fish Processing Industry  Beena. D.  p. 19
  • Empowering Fisherwomen Krishna Srinath and K. Thangamani p. 21
  • Role of Apex Institutions in Promoting Fisherwomen Cooperatives S. Surya Chandra Rao p. 24
  • Employment Opportunities for Women in Freshwater Aquaculture T.J. Varghese and M.C. Nandeesha p. 27
  • Employment Opportunities for Women in Coastal Aquaculture K. Alagaraswami p. 30
  • Employment Generation for Women in Fisheries M.R. Nair and M.K. Kandoran p. 33
  • Fishery Technology Package for the Upliftment of Coastal Women P.J. Cecily p. 36
  • Training of Women in Fish Processing and Fish Culture P. Sukumar, N.V. Sujath Kumar and P. Selvaraj p. 40
  • Training Campaigns on Fish Processing for Fisherwomen in Chidambaranar and Tirunelveli Kattabomman Districts of Tamil Nadu B. Ahilan, N.V. Sujath Kumar and P. Selvaraj p. 43
  • Women in Fisheries Research and Education T. Rajyalakshmi p. 45
  • Women in Fisheries Management and Administration Shakuntala Shenoy p. 48
  • Recommendations of the Workshop p. 50