January 10, 2023

GAF8 M.C. Nandeesha Photo Contest

The theme of the GAF8 M.C. Nandeesha Photo Contest was “Shaping the future: Gender Justice for Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries”. The award is named in honor of the late Dr M.C. Nandeesha whose tireless efforts were fundamental to initiating the series of women/gender in fisheries and aquaculture events through the Asian Fisheries Society (see Wikipedia). Following are the photo entries received.

M.C. Nandeesha GAF8 Photo Contest Winner: “Face of a poor shrimp PL collector from Bangladesh” by Mohammad Nuruzzaman

M.C. Nandeesha GAF8 Photo Contest Appreciation Prize: “A handful of happiness” by Prajit K.K.

M.C. Nandeesha GAF8 Photo Contest Appreciation Prize: “Maternal care is always in priority for her” by Sourabh Kumar Dubey

Following for the future” by Prajith K K

Tuning the future with tuna” by Prajith K K

A smile in the midst of adversity is a sign of hope from her heart” by Anaisha Sharma

Unveiling the heart of Blue Revolution” by Ipsita Biswas

Seaweed farming practice by Women SHG in Ratnagiri Maharashtra India” by Bharat M Yadav

School education about fish” by Sunila Rai

A student preparing bamboo substrates for Carp polyculture” by Sunila Rai

School education about fish” by Sunila Rai

Dressing fish for a family ceremony” by Sunila Rai

Indigenous fishing gear Ghaonka in Nepal” by Sunila Rai

Extra harvest for family consumption from a carp pond” by Sunila Rai

Harvesting of carp” by Sunila Rai

Horticulture and Carp and SIS polyculture” by Sunila Rai

Grass for grass carp feeding” by Sunila Rai

Gender justice it begins at home” by Dhiju Das P H

Mending for future” by Rithin Joseph

Stand tall before the challenges” by Vipin Kumar V

Sky has no limits so as gender” by Anish Kumar

Women wait on the riverbank as villagers fish” by Dipika Das

Seaweed divers – A life time bending” by Ahila M S

Untangling the entangled fishes and relationships too” by Ahila M S

Frailed seaweed divers delving for sustenance” by Ahila M S

Dry fish sector – Thrives on the backs of women” by Ahila M S

Do not wish women to have power over men but over themselves” by Sethulakshmi C S

When there is a women there will be a magic” by Sethulakshmi C S

Gender equality is not in words it is in practice” by Sethulakshmi C S

Waves of Life” by Sreejith S Kumar

Men with quality always respects women equality” by Sreejith S Kumar

Old soul with a determined mind A stare of wonder” by Sreejith S Kumar

A smile to success” by Sreejith S Kumar

Women fisherfolk in the edge of human tiger conflict zone” by Sourabh Kumar Dubey

Childhood in salt water at Sundarban Biosphere Reserve” by Sourabh Kumar Dubey

Segregating shrimp PL is a difficult task” by Sourabh Kumar Dubey

Adding values with flavors to life” by Amrutha Prakash

Confident and determined” by Amrutha Prakash

Korean women divers sun drying freshly harvested sea mustard” by SunAe Ii

Fisherman’s daughter gleaning shellfish” by Lovella Mae Magluyan

A tale of depraved woman” by Madhumita Mukherjee

Dry fish seller of North-East India” by Madhumita Mukherjee

Flying like a fish” by Darlene Joy Calsado

“A girl gleaning shells alone” by Darlene Joy Calsado

Smile hiding the pains” by Vijaykiran V

Weighed down by age yet undeterred in spirits” by P S Swathi Lekshmi

I catch fish with my heart” by Rakhi Barua

Stillness in chaos… A glimpse from a fishers life” by Akshay P

Too many fishers chasing too few fish” by Sajina A M

When the kids go fishing” by Sajina A M

Fishing happens when the good timing of fishers match with bad timing of fish” by Sajina A M

The marginal woman” by Sajina A M

You say do not catch these Pomfret Juveniles but what about mine” by Shubham Soni

Livelihood alternative…. weaving beautiful sarees during ban” by Shubham Soni

Injustice to be continued” by Seenivasan P

Unspoken fisherwomen’s life” by Seenivasan P

Single hand work makes twinkle life” by Seenivasan P

Putting life higher by cutting fish” by Rujan J

Society-Do not think much- It just a occupational hazard” by Rujan J

Changing life with charging fish” by Rujan J

Withering leaves lives and fish” by Rujan J

Gender roles in fish curing” by Rujan J

A family affair” by Faustino Castillo Jr

Gleaning through generations” by Faustino Castillo Jr

Family bonding” by Faustino Castillo Jr

A silent contemplation of the future in the making” by Johnson B

The prettiest of smiles…. the fruits of hard earned labour” by Johnson B

Gender balanced teams always outperform” by Sandhya K M

Invisible hands in artisanal fishing” by Sandhya K M

Woman and animal in silent contemplation” by Johnson B

Woman at oars, braving the storm” by Johnson B

Gender balance in motion, a winning combination” by Johnson B