January 2, 2019

GAF7 Publications and Products

New products released at GAF7

GAF7 reports and publications

  • Long Report: Expanding the Horizons p. 57 Covering all GAF7 presentations, Special Workshops and events by Meryl J Williams, Nikita Gopal, Rejula K, Carmen Pedroza-Gutiérrez, Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit, Paul Ramirez, Ananthan P.S., Mary Barby Badayos-Jover, Alita Roxas, Sijitha Mary C.X., Janine Pierce and Afrina Choudhury, p. 57. Long Report OverviewDownload
  • Expanding the Horizons. Reflections on GAF7 by Nalini Nayak and Cornelie Quist. Samudra, ICSF, #81 June 2019.  Link
  • Expanding the horizons. How GAF7 showcased progress towards and challenges to gender equality by Meryl Williams, Nikita Gopal, Veena N, Kusakabe, Kafayat Fukoya, Cherdsak Virapat and Salin Krishna. Yemaya, ICSF #59 June 2019.  Link
  • Gender, Technology and Development, Vol. 24.1 – Special Issue Gender and Fisheries Link, Media Release

GAF7 information

  • E-book of abstracts GAF7. “Expanding the Horizons. Book of Abstracts. The 7th Global Conference on Gender in Aquaculture & Fisheries.” p. 55. Download
  • GAF Conference website. gafconference.org
  • Conference brochure. Download

GAF policy briefs

  • INFOFISH International magazine cover story. “Expanding the Horizons: From Nurturing Fish to Nurturing Society” By Meryl Williams, Nikita Gopal, Kyoko Kusakabe, Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit, and Hillary Egna. INFOFISH INTERNATIONAL 5/2018 (September/October): 42-46. Download

GAF Training Resources

  • GAF training materials on theorising gender, intersectionality and gender rapid appraisals. “Gender Research in Fisheries and Aquaculture: A Training Handbook.” USAID, Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section, Asian Fisheries Society, and SEAFDEC. Download (English), Download (Thai), Download (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Photovoice manual. “Photovoice: Researching gender in aquaculture and fisheries through the camera lens.” Dr Janine Pierce: Special Workshop 1: GAF7 manual. Aquaculture without Frontiers Australia, University of South Australia. Download