January 2, 2019

GAF7 Programme, ppts, abstracts

18 OCTOBER 2018

TIMEAbstract NoSessionAuthors/ PresentersDownload File
0900 -0905 Welcome and Overview   
0905 -0912 Welcome and Opening address  
0915 -0935 Opening Remarks  
0935 -0955 Keynote Address  
1000 -1015 Group photo  
1015 -1045 Tea  
1100 -1230 Special workshop I: Photovoice: Researching gender in aquaculture and  fisheries through the camera lensJanine Pierce*, AwF Australia Slides
1100 -1230 Special workshop III: Plan International Seas for ChangeSadia Tahseen* and Iris Caluag* Slides
1100 -1230Session ll: Gender-disaggregated statistics 
STAT_O124Vulnerability levels among male and female in Malaysian fisheries and  aquaculture communityZumilah Binti Zainalaludin  and Norehan Binti SaidiSlides
STAT_O287Fisheries professionals of India: gendered analysis of profile, academic  performance and career growthJyotimanjari Sahoo, Ananthan, P.S.*, Neha Qureshi and C. Sundaramoorthy Slides
STAT_O388Work participation of fisher men and women among coastal fishing  communities: A comparative study of two Indian statesGomathy, V., Ananthan, P.S.*  and Hino Fernando Slides
STAT_P150Changed gender role in higher education, research and employment in  Aquaculture and Fisheries in Bangladesh: Opportunities and challengesMohammad Mahfujul Haque*  and Mohammad Nuruzzaman Slides
1100 -1230Session lII: Gender and the seafood industry 
GSF_O13Managing Mercado del Mar, a case of women’s leadership in the fishing industryCarmen Pedroza -Gutiérrez* Slides
GSF_O25The case of a 29 -year -old women’s association of small -scale fish farmers and  processorsAngelito Gonzal, Tipparat Pongthanapanich and Pedro Bueno* Slides
GSF_O38Gender participation in the food safety implementation of boneless siganids  Siganus puellus  technologyCherrylene G. Macachor, Corazon P. Macachor, Jesswon  T. Tamundoc, Charena J.  Castro* and Renissa S. Quiñones Slides
GSF_O4 58Changes in fishing communities and women fishers in Japan LunchNatsuko Miki*, Kumi Soejima  and  Izumi Seki Slides
1330 -1500 Special workshop II:  GAF101 Using “Intersectionality” in Research on Gender   and Fisheries and Aquaculture. A GAF 101 Training Session     PriorMarilyn Porter, Holly Hapke  and Kyoko Kusakabe Slides
1330 -1500Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture  
GA_O14Gender Equity in bagnet creek fishery of North -West coast of IndiaS. Abuthagir Iburahim*, Suraj Kumar Pradhan, T.Nirmal,  T.Velumani, Nakhawa Ajay  Dayaram, R.Ratheesh Kumar  and Latha Shenoy Slides
GA_O364Gender differentiated needs and preferences of farmers for Rohu fish in Bangladesh and IndiaMamta Mehar*, Mekkawy Wagdy, Cynthia McDougall and John Benzie Slides
GA_O416Women’s empowerment through improved seaweed farming technology: The  story of “sea power” in ZanzibarCecile Brugere*, Flower E.  Msuya, Narriman S. Jiddawi, Betty Nyonje and Ritha Maly Slides
1330 -1500Session ll: Gender disaggregated statistics (cont’d) 
STAT_O425Profiling the relationship between vulnerability type and background of single – vulnerable community members in Malaysian fisheries and aquaculture  communityNorehan Binti Saidi and  Zumilah Binti Zainalaludin Slides
STAT_O557Study of the social status of fisherwomen in Patna fish market Bihar IndiaMeghna Sinha*, Albiya Arshabi  and Bibha Kumari Slides
1330 -1500 Session lII: Gender and the seafood industry 
GSF_O542Profit or social capital? A case study of the motivations behind seaweed  women’s groups in Indonesian villagesSilva Larson*, Natalie Stoeckl, Mardiana Fachri, Mustafa Dalvi, Mike Rimmer and  Nicholas Paul Slides
GSF_O645Women’s entrepreneurship in aquaculture: Learning from the existing positive  deviatorsAfrina Choudhury and  Cynthia McDougall Slides
GSF_O755“The path forward: Breaking the cycle of inequalities in the seafood industry”:  Results of a global survey carried out in 2017Marie Christine Monfort* Slides
GSF_O851The current state and problem of the role of the woman organization in fishing  communityIzumi Seki*, Kumi Soejima and  Natsuko Miki Slides
1500 -1530 Tea  
1530 -1700 Special workshop II:  GAF101 Using “Intersectionality” in Research on Gender   and Fisheries and Aquaculture. A GAF 101 Training Session  Marilyn Porter, Holly Hapke  and Kyoko Kusakabe Slides
1530 -1700 Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d)  
GA_O523How has organization benefited women in the Barbados flyingfish fishery? A  look from withinMaria Pena and Patrick  Mcconney Slides
GA_O626Addressing gender gaps from a programmatic perspectiveAngela L. Cruz*, Patrick J.  Christie and Alan T. White Slides
GA_O727An evaluation of recent initiatives on gender, women and livelihoods in small – scale fisheries in IndonesiaStacey, N.*,  Gibson, E.,  Loneragan, N.,  Warren, C.,  Wiryawan, B., Adhuri, D. and  Fitriana, R. Slides
GA_O828Human development of small scale fishers in Indian reservoirs: A gender based  assessmentPooja Gautam*, Ananthan P S,  Arpita Sharma and V. Ramasubramanian Slides
1530 -1700 Special workshop IV: Furthering Deepening Feminist Perspectives in FisheriesNalini Nayak and Cornelie  Quist Slides, ICSF Publication
1530 -1700Session lII: Gender and the seafood industry (cont’d) 
GSF_O939Can small scale fisherwomen take to online retail? Evidence from a social  experiment with Mumbai fisherwomenSiddhika Meher*,  Velumani, T, Ananthan, P.S and Arpita Sharma Slides
GSF_O1068The challenges and empowerment of women fishery entrepreneurship groups  in Japan: Examining the steps taken by the Umi Hito Kurashi forumKumi Soejima*, Natsuko Miki  and Izumi Seki Slides
GSF_O1159Opportunities and constraints of sardine trading for women in Timor -LesteKim Hunnam* Slides
GSF_O12 108Tuna fisheries gender analysis: Case of general Santos, Philippines Marieta Baňez Sumagaysay*, Alice Prieto -Carolino, Rowena  Paz L. Gelvezon, Harold M. Monteclaro, Ida M. Siason and  Rosario H. Asong Slides
1800  onwards Welcome Dinner  

19 OCTOBER 2018

TimeAbstract No.SessionAuthors/ PresentersDownload File
0900 -0930 Sessions Plenary: Rapporteurs reports on the Workshops I; II; III & lV Sessions l, II, III  
0930 -1030Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d)  
GA_O99Women entrepreneurs in fish value chains: A micro level study of vulnerability and resilience in IndiaGopakumar V.*, Sneha G, Holly M. Hapke and Amalendu Jyotishi Slides
GA_O1073Engagements of women and men in the municipal and commercial tuna  fisheries in Sarangani Province, PhilippinesAlita T. Roxas*,  Marissa G. Dela  Cruz, Paul Joseph B. Ramirez,  and Lily Ann D. Lando Slides
GA_P146Shrimp industry gender gap in India: Case of Maharashtra stateArpita Sharma and Sandesh  Patil Slides
GA_P271Gender participation on street food production of south reclamation project  affected familiesRenissa S. Quiñones* and  Corazon P. Macachor Slides
0930 -1030 Session IV: Gender and Fisheries & Aquaculture Governance  
GOV_O11Challenges faced by fisher women of south  India specific reference to Andhra Pradesh                                         Prof. (Mrs.) Vijayakhader* Slides
GOV_O22Women struggle in a sea cucumber fishery. An outcome from an ungovernable  fisheryCarmen Pedroza -Gutiérrez* Slides
GOV_P138Caribbean Fisheries: Perspectives On Gender TooPatrick McConney* Slides
GOV_P269Gender participation on the environmental protection practices of northern  Cebu coastal resortsCharena J. Castro, Corazon P.  Macachor, Marde T. Ponce, Hubert G. Quiñones* and  Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. Slides
0930 -1030Session lII: Gender and the seafood industry (cont’d)  
GSF_O1292Migrant women’s strategies to cope with exploitative employment practices in  Thai seafood sector: A case study from rayong and tratVeena N* and Kyoko Kusakabe Slides
GSF_O1349Assessment of capacity building programmes for pre-processing and processing  women workers in IndiaNikita Gopal*, Arathy Ashok, R.  Raghu Prakash, Parvathy. U., Prajith K K, Renuka, Jesmi Debbarma and Joice V.  Thomas Slides
GSF_P117From river to table: The roles of women in sustaining indigenous food  production in a traditional riverrine communitySashah B. Dioso* Slides
GSF_P2 70Food safety implementation in fish processing technology:  Gender roles TeaCorazon P. Macachor, Cherrylene G. Macachor,  Renissa S. Quiñones, Jean F. Nebrea* and Charena J. Castro Slides
1100 -1230 Special workshop V : Exploring Gender Equity and Equality in the SSF  Guidelines Co -organized by WorldFish and Conservation InternationalDanika Kleiber, Whitney Yadao -Evans, and Cynthia McDougall Slides
1100 -1230Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d) 
GA_O1175Organizing women to promote gender equity: The case of fishing villages in  Miagao, Iloilo, PhilippinesMary Barby P. Badayos -Jover* Slides
GA_O1276Gendered differences in nutritional status of fish -dependent households in  Kerala, IndiaJeyanthi. P*, T.V. Sankar, Anandan, R, Suseela Mathew  and Nikita Gopal Slides
GA_O1347Understanding gender dimensions in small scale fisheries of Kep Province,  CambodiaJariya Sornkliang*, Norm Sina,  Chin Leakhna, Lao Sophea, Yanida Suthipol and Bhawana Upadhyay Slides
GA_O1482Digital story telling of women in fisheries and aquaculture in Nigeria:  Assessment of their roles and contributions using specific case studies.Foluke Omotayo Areola*, Ayojesutomi O. Abiodun – Solanke, Adeola Eniola Ayano  and Oluwafunmilola Juliana Shelika Slides
1100 -1230Session IV: Gender and Fisheries & Aquaculture Governance (cont’d) 
GOV_O311“Lives on the move”: Gendered aspects of migration in fishing villages in Sri  LankaNadine Vanniasinkam* and  Nirmi Vitarana Slides
GOV_O430Acknowledging the use right of women crab collectors over customary land use  changes: A case study in Merauke, Papua -Indonesia.Maria Kurupat and Ria  Fitriana* Slides
GOV_O544Outcomes from gender focused interventions for the shrimp PL collectors: Case  of a fisher’s slum from south -western coastal region of BangladeshMohammad Nuruzzaman*,  Khandaker Rashidul Hasan  and Gitte Andersen Slides
GOV_O648‘Before we asked for permission, now we only give notice’. New gender  relations in fisheries: women’s entrance into small -scale artisanal fisheries in  ChileGloria L Gallardo -Fernández*  and Fred Saunders Slides
1100 -1230Session V : Gender and climate change with reference to fisheries & aqua culture 
CC_O122Gender -disaggregated impacts of a category 5 cyclone on rural fisher  communities in FijiSangeeta Mangubhai*, Alyssa  Thomas and Margaret Fox Slides
CC_O291Integrating gender perspective into sustainable livelihoods framework in  vulnerabilities impacts assessments of disasters:  Cases in central PhilippinesGay Defiesta* Slides
CC_O3 105Gender differences in coping strategies and adaptation to crisis experienced in  coastal households in the Philippines Lunch  Carribbean CornerBenedict Mark M. Carmelita*,  Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Jinky C.  Hopanda, Herminia A. Francisco, and Canesio D.  Predo Slides
1330 -1500 Special workshop VI: Role of women fishworker organizations towards  implementation and monitoring of small scale fisheries guidelines; case of  African Women Network of Fish Processors and Traders (AWFISHNET)Editrudith Lukanga and  Kafayat Adetoun Fakoya Slides
1330 -1500Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d) 
GA_O1584Gender in aquaculture and fisheries in Odisha: A study on worldfish programSurendran Rajaratnam*, Neetha Shenoy and Cynthia McDougall Slides
GA_O1696The role of women in coastal region of  Pekalongan and Tegal – Indonesia:  A  value chains selection between fish vs othersAini Nur Furoida*, Fendika  Damar Pengestu, Ika Suciati,  and  Indah Susilowati Slides
GA_O1797Increasing the profit position of women small scale entrepreneurs in the rock  oyster industry of Samar, PhilippinesMarieta Baňez Sumagaysay*  and Gerwyn P. Enerlan Slides
GA_O18101Socio -economic determinants of gender among small scale fishers practicing  alternate livelihoods along coastal Andhra Pradesh, India –an empirical studySwathi Lekshmi P.S*, R.Narayanakumar, Vipinkumar V.P, Shyam S.Salim and Johnson B Slides
1330 -1500Session IV: Gender and Fisheries & Aquaculture Governance (cont’d) 
GOV_O752Locating the context of gender in fisheries policies of IndiaRajiv Rathod*, Sambit  Priyadarshi, Arpita Sharma, Velumani T. and Dileshwari Ratre Slides
GOV_O865From Resistance to Internalization: The Spread of ‘Gender Equality’ in Small – scale Fisheries GovernanceSarah Lawless* Slides
GOV_O967Voices from the shore: Lived experience of women as leaders in fisher  organizations in Bolinao, northern PhilippinesSheila Marie M. Dasig* Slides
GOV_O1077The potential of Community Savings Groups in enabling women’s  empowerment and Hilsa conservationTanzina Nazia*, Afrina Choudhury and Dr. Abdul Wahab Slides
1330 -1500Session V : Gender and climate change with reference to fisheries & aqua culture (cont’d) 
CC_O432Gender differentiated coping strategies among ethnic Vietnamese fishers in the  face of a decrease in fishing resources in Chhnok Tru district, Cambodia Raksa Sok* Slides
CC_O6 53Gender and climate change adaptation in aquaculture: Improving data  collection with a web -based platform TeaEmmanuelle Bourgois*, Flavie  Denelle and Fang Ning Tan Slides
1530 -1730Special workshop VIIGender transformative approaches in fisheries and  aquaculture: An exploration of strategies and emerging outcomesCynthia McDougall, Steven Cole and Afrina Choudhury, WorldFish Slides
1530 -1730Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d) 
GA_O19104Occupational hazard among women fish smokers in coastal areas of Ondo state,  NigeriaFunmilola Agbebi* Slides
GA_O20106Gender differences in possession of unused livelihood skills and desire to be  involved in livelihood opportunities in coastal households in the PhilippinesBenedict Mark M. Carmelita*,  Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Jinky C.  Hopanda, Herminia A. Francisco, and Canesio D.  Predo Slides
GA_O21107Gender Differences in Contribution to Coastal Household Income in the  PhilippinesBenedict Mark M. Carmelita,  Alice Joan G. Ferrer*, Jinky C.  Hopanda, Herminia A. Francisco, and Canesio D.  Predo Slides
GA_O2274Role of gender focused intervention in haor floodplain: Case of women -led cage  aquaculture from Kishoreganj haor areasAKM Nowsad Alam*, Mohammad Nuruzzaman and Shahidul Islam Bhuiyan Slides
GA_P3102Inclusive value chains: The case of seaweeds farming in Zamboanga Peninsula,  PhilippinesPaul Joseph B. Ramirez*, Teresita A. Narvaez, Maripaz  L. Perez, and Earl Joanne Santos -Ramirez Slides
GA_P4118The Triple Roles of Fishers’ Wives to Support Their Household Economy: An  Empirical Study in Tegalsari and Muarareja Villages, Tegal – IndonesiaHapsari Ayu Kusumawardhani* and Indah Susilowati Slides
1530 -1730Session IV: Gender and Fisheries & Aquaculture Governance (cont’d) 
GOV_O1185Is fishing gendered?  Women as equal partners in KRS reservoir fisheries, IndiaVelumani, T, Ananthan, P.S*, Ramasubramanian and Rama Krishna Slides
GOV_O1294Women’s leadership in community fisheries: Case in Kampot and Banteay  Meanchey in Cambodia Kyoko Kusakabe* and Prak  Sereyvath Slides
GOV_O1341Enhancing women’s leadership to influence the productivity of rice field  fisheries enhancement project (2012 -2015)Miratori Kim*, Vichet Sean,  Vanvuth Try, Yumiko Kura  and Sarah Freed Slides
GOV_P386Indigenous women rising: A spotlight on the role of indigenous women in  transforming fisheries governance on Canada’s pacific coastSarah Harper*, Anne K. Salomon, Dianne Newell,  Pauline (Holistis) Waterfall, Kelly Brown, Leila Harris and U. Rashid Sumaila Slides
1530 -1730Session VI: Focus on SDG5, and other SDGs, in fisheries and aquaculture 
SDG_O134Aquaculture through the lens of gender: An investigation into the socio – economic impact of seaweed farming on coastal communities in Bantayan,  PhilippinesElena Mengo*, Gaetano Grilli,  Rose -Liza Eisma -Osorio, Jonathan O. Etcuban, Judy Ann  Ferrater -Gimena and Annie Tan Slides
SDG_O236Gender -transformative approaches to development in coastal and fishing  communities in the English -speaking CaribbeanLeisa Perch, Patrick  McConney and Maria Pena Slides
SDG_P112Harnessing Palauan fisherwomen’s ecological knowledge for sustainable  managementCaroline Ferguson* Slides
SDG_P231Exploring female involvements in Malaysian micro and small scale aquaculture  operation (MiSAO) Zakiah binti Adun and  Zumilah Zainalaludin Slides
SDG_P3117Gender roles and poverty determinants of fish farmer’s households in Oyo state,  NigeriaOmitoyin, Siyanbola. A.* and  Chineke, Ebube. C. Slides
1800  onwards Reception Dinner  

20 OCTOBER 2018

TIMEAbstract No.SessionAuthors/ PresentersDownload File
0900 -0930 Sessions Plenary: Rapporteurs reports on the Workshops  V; Vl; Vll; Session I; III; IV; V & VI  
0930 -1030Special workshop VIII Gender Analysis through Micro and Small Aquaculture  Operation (MiSAO) Best Aquaculture Practises (M -BAP)Zumilah Binti Zainalaludin Slides
0930 -1030 Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d)  
GA_O23113Promoting gender in fisheries in  Lao PdrDongdavanh Sibounthong Slides
GA_O2479Promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality in Myanmar fisheries  and aquaculture sub -sectorsLemlem Aregu, Cynthia  McDougall, Surendran Rajaratnam and Michael  Akester Slides
0930 -1030 Session VIII: Learning exchanges – experiences and lessons  
LE_O135Two birds with one stone: Fisheries monitoring as a tool for empowering  women and informing marine managementJenny House* and Nick Piludu Slides
LE_O237Caribbean Small -Scale Fisherwoman Learning Exchange in Costa Rica: Women’s  VoicesBertha Simmons*  and Nadine  Nembhard Slides
LE_P161Roles of women in promoting safety of children in small islands: The case of  teach drr in Carles, Iloilo, PhilippinesJosephine T. Firmase, Jorge S.  Ebay, Darlene Joy D. Calsado  and Lovella Mae M. Magluyan Slides
LE_P2  63Women shell fishers in small island communities: Roles, risks and  recommendations  Lovella Mae M. Magluyan,  Josephine T. Firmase and Jorge S. Ebay Slides
1030 -1100 Tea  
1100 -1230 Special workshop IX Mainstreaming gender in fisheries educationMary Barby, Sharma,  Kusakabe, Salin and Soejima Slides
1100 -1230 Session I: Gender assessments in fisheries and aquaculture (cont’d)  
GA_O2521Seaweed farming in Western Visayas: Strengthening the roles of women Caridad N. Jimenez*, Nieves A. Toledo and Soledad S. Garibay Slides
GA_O26100Lens on Gender in Oyster farming and Grouper Fish Farming in VietnamJanine Pierce* Slides
GA_O27109Gender equity and women empowerment in the fisheries value chain in Bitung,  North Sulawesi, Indonesia: A case studyReiny A. Tumbol, Alvon Jusuf,  Daisy M. Makapedua and Jardie Andaki Slides
GA_P5120An analysis of social relations outcomes on women participating in small scale fish value chains on Lakes Malawi and ChilwaChikondi L. Manyungwa-Pasani*, Mafaniso Hara and Sloans K. Chimatiro Slides
1100 -1230 Session VIII: Learning exchanges – experiences and lessons (cont’d)  
LE_O362Promoting financial literacy among women in island fishing communities  through comsca : The case of Gigantes islands, Carles, Iloilo, PhilippinesDarlene Joy D. Calsado, Josephine T. Firmase, Jorge S.  Ebay, Aprille Danilly A. Guintibano, and Lovella Mae M. Magluyan Slides
LE_O478The teaching of local taboos among the youth of pandan, antique, Philippines  and its implications to  Fisheries resource managementElmer L. Jover  and Sashah B.  Dioso Slides
LE_O5  114Stories from village -based seaweed groups in Indonesia: Chips, sticks and bakso  Mardiana Fachri, Natalie Stoeckl, Silva Larson, Mustafa Dalvi, Mike Rimmer and  Nicholas Paul Slides
1230 -1330 Lunch  
1330 -1500Session VII: Gender research methods in fisheries & aquaculture (cont’d) 
RM_O118Women fisherfolk Barbados -a gendered lensDebra D. Joseph, Maria Pena*  and Leisa Perch Slides
RM_O254Time to connect GAF research to the political economy of the fish value chain  revolution that is shaping women’s inequalityMeryl J Williams* Slides
RM_O366Sustainability of Fish based enterprises among women in Kerala: An analysis in  context of highly competitive value chainRejula, K.*, Ashaletha,S., Mohanty,A.K and Sajesh,V.K Slides
RM_P119Story -telling with photo -voice: Women fisherfolk Barbados -a gendered lensDebra D. Joseph, Maria Pena*  and Leisa Perch Slides
1330 -1500 Film ScreeningWinning entries of the “women in seafood” video  competition organised by WSI, with the support of MATIS and AFD the  French Development Agency. Link to videos
1330 -1500Session VIII: Learning exchanges – experiences and lessons (cont’d) 
LE_O695Women in fisheries and aquaculture in Nigeria: Introducing the bootstrap in the  roadmapFrancis M. Nwosu, Kafayat A. Fakoya, Shehu L. Akintola and  Ayojesutomi O. Abiodun – Solanke Slides
LE_O7110Advancing gender in the environment (agent): Gender in fisheries — A sea of  opportunitiesMaria Prebble and Jackie Siles Slides
LE_O883Bringing the gender considerations at the centre of fisheries education agendaArpita Sharma* Slides
LE_O9119Successful Women Leadership in the Aquatic Animal Food Bank Project: Case  study of Sapsomboo Model, Buriram Province, ThailandMalasri Khumsri* and Amornrat Sermwattanakul Slides
1500 -1530 Tea  
1530 -1630 Sessions Plenary: Rapporteurs reports on  Workshops VIII & IX; Sessions I; VII & VIII  
1630 -1700 Closing: Sessions Summary; Prizes; GAF7 Declaration  

21 OCTOBER 2018

Field Trip