December 23, 2017

GAF3 Program, Abs, PPTs


 21-23 APRIL 2011

Venue: Shanghai Ocean University Room 2309



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Download all Abstracts:  GAF3 2011 All Abstracts in presentation, poster order-final

Session 1 Chair: Dr M. Williams
01 Dr Nandini Gunewardena (FAO) Welcome and Opening Remarks PPT
02 Marilyn Porter Why the coast matters: reflections on globalisation and gender in Tanzanian coastal communities ABS PPT
03 Nikita Gopal Role and impact of microfinance institutions in coastal communities ABS PPT
04 Holly Hapke Capturing the complexities of globalization in the fisheries: gendered divisions of labor and difference ABS  PPT
05 Nai-Hsien Chao Participation of foreign spouses in the fisheries sector of Taiwan ABS PPT
06 M.C. Nandheesha Women’s participation in carp culture activities in India ABS PPT
07 Angela Lentisco Tools for gender mainstreaming in fisheries development projects: a review of their current status and recommendations arising from Asian experiences ABS PPT
Afternoon tea
Session 2 Chair: Dr Nai-Hsien Chao
08 Hillary Egna Challenges of including gender dimensions in biotechnological research projects ABS PPT
09 Ramachandran C. Nair “A sea of one’s own!”- a perspective on the gendered political ecology in Indian mariculture ABS PPT
10 Katia Frangoudes Fisherwomens organisations in Europe advocating for fisherwomen rights ABS PPT
11 Cristina P. Lim Braving the sea: the Amasan (women divers) of Yahataura fishing community, Iki Island, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan ABS PPT
22 APRIL 2011
Session 3 Chair: Dr M.C. Nandeesha
12 Veikila Vuki The gendered impacts of climate change and social change ABS PPT
13 Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay Adapting to climate change: the case of women fish-driers of Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines ABS PPT
14 C.D.A.M.P.A.Dissanayake Women’s fishing and socio-economic status in a poor fishing village, Naguleliya Sri Lanka ABS PPT
15 Jariah Masud Poverty eradication in fishing communities: a gender perspective ABS PPT
16 Tengku Aizan Hamid Population ageing in fishing community: gender issues and policy concern ABS PPT
Morning tea
Session 4 Chair: Dr Angela Lentisco
17 Sun-Ae Ii Why do Korean women dive? From a viewpoint of gender ABS PPT
18 Farisal U. Bagsit Understanding gender roles in the mangrove reforestation program in Barangay Talokgangan, Banate, Iloilo, Philippines: a case study ABS  PPT
19 Sunila Rai Improvement of women’s livelihoods, income, and nutrition through carp-sis-prawn polyculture in Terai, Nepal ABS  PPT
20 Zumilah Zainalaludin Empowering vulnerable stakeholder groups in fish farming: workshop design for the ASEM aquaculture platform gender work package  ABS PPT
21 Della Grace G. Bacaltos Gender participation in the production and marketing of seaweed in Davao del Sur, Philippines ABS  PPT
22 Ria Fitriana The role of women in the fishery sector in Pantar Island, Indonesia ABS  PPT
23 Nguyen Dang Hao Gender issues of the fishery communities in the Central region of Vietnam ABS  PPT
Session 5 Chair: Dr Veikila Vuki
24 Alice Joan Ferrer Role and contribution of men and women in mangrove rehabilitation in Region VI, Philippines ABS  PPT
25 B. Shanthi Successful women entrepreneurs in aquaculture sectors – case studies of Tamil Nadu, India ABS  PPT
26 Heng Ponley Lessons learnt and experiences of gender mainstreaming policy and strategy in the fisheries (GMPSF) sector in Cambodia ABS PPT
27 Marilyn Porter (Chair) Panel: GAF3 inputs to FAO Special Workshop PPT A (M. Porter & Others); PPT B (N. Gopal & B. Meenakumari); PPT C (I. Siason)
Session 6 Chair: Dr Nikita Gopal
28 Bandara Basnayake Gender and fish supply chains-transforming the economy through gender relations, a case from Sri Lanka ABS  PPT
29 Della Grace Bacaltos Gender roles in the seaweed industry cluster of southern Philippines: the DICCEP experience ABS  PPT
30 Mohammad Nuruzzaman Gender roles in the development of small-scale shrimp farming and recent challenges in the coastal region of Bangladesh ABS  PPT
31 Rosario Segundina Gaerlan Enhancing rural women participation in fisheries: post-harvest livelihood ABS  PPT
23 APRIL 2011
Session 7 Chair: Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay
32 Cecilio S. Baga The global and local markets of Penaeus monodon in Bohol island, Philippines:  gender role in HACCP implementation ABS  PPT
33 Cristina P. Lim Edging up the ladder:  the women in Ban Thung Maha, Thailand ABS  PPT
34 Caridad N. Jimenez Gender roles in fisheries laws dissemination and enforcement ABS  PPT
35 Zuzy Anna The role of fisherwomen in the face of fishing uncertainties ABS  PPT
36 Gosbert Hamutenya Empowerment of HIV/AIDS women group through Mangulukeni Fish Farm: a case study from Nambia ABS PPT
37 Alice Joan G. Ferrer Gender and credit market participation and access among households in coastal barangays in Guimaras, Philippines ABS PPT
38 Jariah Masud Enhancing women’s role in fishing communities in Malaysia: a gender perspective ABS PPT
Morning tea
Session 8 Chair: Marieta Bañez Sumagaysay
39 Venerando D. Cunado Gender in production and utilization of Bangus at Cebu Technological University, Cebu, Philippines ABS PPT
40 Corazon. P. Macachor Processing of frigate mackerel Auxis thazard: gender role on product safety ABS PPT
41 Naina Pierri Estades Recasting the Net: defining a gender agenda for sustaining life and livelihoods in coastal communities PPT
42 Stella Williams Engendering African fisheries and aquaculture development ABS  PPT
P1 G. Arul Oli et al Introduction of “Gender in Fisheries and Aquaculture” certificate course for the fisheries students in India (Poster) ABS POSTER
P2 Sijie Xu Women’s role on the construction of novel fishery towns (Poster) ABS POSTER
P3 Stella Williams People in Aquaculture Today: a mosaic of people (Poster) ABS POSTER
P4 Stella Williams People in Aquaculture Today: rapid aquaculture expansion and continuous change (Poster)  ABS POSTER
P5 Stella Williams People in Aquaculture Today: making the rules for people (Poster) ABS POSTER
P6 Zumilah Zainalaludin Gender, Poverty and Fishing Community in Malaysia (Poster) ABS POSTER
P7 FAO RFLP FAO-Spain Regional Fisheries Livelihood Program for South and Southeast Asia (Poster)