November 5, 2017



The full details of the Objectives are given in the By-laws. Briefly, they are:

1. The GAFS general objectives are those of the Asian Fisheries Society as defined in the Society’s Constitution.

2. The specific objectives for the GAFS are:

  • To promote equitable effective interaction and cooperation among scientists/academics, technicians, fisheries officers and non-governmental organization experts involved in issues related to gender in fisheries and aquaculture with the objective of advancing research and practice in Asia-Pacific and other regions of the world.
  • To give greater visibility to and increase awareness of the importance of incorporating gender and more particularly women in fisheries and aquaculture interventions and to contribute to the development of these issues within these sectors.
  • To advocate for the advancement of women within the fisheries and aquaculture sectors; and
  • To promote the establishment of local networks of individuals and organizations involved in gender issues in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors and to collaborate and cooperate with other networks and civil society organizations with similar objectives.

3. The objectives will be realised by:

  • Providing an effective research publication mechanism.
  • Holding a regular AFS symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries and publishing the proceedings;
  • Providing further opportunities on an equitable basis for fisheries scientists, technicians and stakeholders to gather by holding regular meetings, symposia, workshops, conferences and research;
  • Addressing important issues related to gender in fisheries and aquaculture interests in the region and globally;
  • Facilitating channels of communication among members, stakeholders involved in the sector and the society at large to further knowledge on gender and women’s issues in aquaculture and fisheries; and
  • Seeking collaboration with stakeholders, with a special focus on women in the sector.


The GAFS has been built on the solid platform built since 1990 of women and gender workshops, conferences and symposia sponsored by members of the Asian Fisheries Society. Our Milestones give a brief overview.


The formal By-laws of the GAFS are given online.