November 6, 2017


You can join the Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section of the Asian Fisheries Society via one of two pathways.

  1. Existing AFS members in good standing:
    • Send a short message to the AFS Executive Officer, indicating that you wish to join GAFS – Your AFS membership details will be amended to include membership of GAFS.
  2. Not currently an AFS member:
    • Become an AFS member by visiting the AFS membership page and joining. On joining, you will be asked to indicate which sections or branches of AFS you wish to join, including GAFS.

GAFS membership brings many benefits. As a member of GAFS, you will:      

  • receive a monthly news digest called “Keeping up to Date with GAF” which contains information on new publications on topics of interest directly on GAF and more broadly also, news items of relevance, and updates on our own latest blogs/stories
  • have the opportunity to become involved in drafting submissions to inquiries and position statements
  • be eligible to vote and stand for election as an officer of the Section and become involved in helping lead the work of GAFS
  • have opportunities to become involved in mentoring or being mentored and engaged in projects
  • enhance your career prospects by demonstrating, through your membership of GAFS and AFS, that you are engaged with your profession and active in its development 
  • receive generous discounts to our GAFS conferences, Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) forums and conferences, and the conferences of allied professional fisheries and aquaculture societies.

We are building a community of like-minded experts to strengthen GAF work globally. Many of our members are rather isolated in their institutions, so GAFS is one opportunity to network with others around the world, and in your own country. Check out our Core Principles that were developed by GAFS members.

Being an active member of GAFS can help you in your career. As well as the basic benefits and professional linkages listed above, members who make significant contributions to the work of GAFS may be recognised in the AFS and GAFS awards systems, conferring public recognition for your efforts.

GAFS is also closely allied with other gender/women in fisheries/aquaculture societies and associations at the national and international level, including being an official partner with FAO in efforts to implement the Small-Scale Fisheries Voluntary Guidelines.   

The free email group that we run reaches nearly 700 people, many of them senior decision-makers.

Looking forward to welcoming you to GAFS!