December 23, 2017

Fifth Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Celebrating the prize winners

GAF5 attendees on opening day, 13 November 2014, Lucknow, India

The 5th Global Symposium on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF5) concluded on 15 November 2014 after three days that were filled with 50 stimulating contributions of several kinds. Statistically, the diverse contributions were:

  • 21 oral presentations, including 8 in the Focus India sessions
  • 3 special workshops, including one with 7 oral presentations
  • 6 films and videos
  • 1 panel discussion comprised of 3 speakers and audience discussion
  • 9 posters
  • 1 meeting

For the first time, GAF was held with the Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (the 10th IFAF). Given the greater recent focus this still-small field of effort is receiving, we were very pleased to welcome many new researchers and development experts who are starting to work on gender within fisheries and aquaculture institutions and development agencies, especially non government organisations (NGOs). The 10IFAF organizers, led by Dr J.K. Jena, the overall convenor and his team, did a magnificent job in organizing the whole series of events, including GAF5.

Congratulations to the prize winners of GAF5

We are pleased to announce the GAF5 prize winners.



GAF5 Best Paper Award winner, S. Inaotombi, receiving his Award from Dr B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries), ICAR (Organizing Committee Co-Chair).

S. Inaotombi (presenter) and P.C. Mahanta: Aspects of Traditional Knowledge on Women Participation in Fisheries: A Case Study from Manipuri Women of North Eastern India. [National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (ICAR-NBFGR)]





Highly Commended

Surendran Rajaratnam receives his Highly Commended award from Dr. S. D. Singh. ADG (Inland Fisheries) ICAR.

Surendran Rajaratnam (presenter), Steven ColeCatherine Longley: Gender Inequalities in Access to and Benefits Derived from Natural Fisheries in the Barotse Floodplain Western Province, Zambia [WorldFish].






Dr Bibha Kumari being presented with the Highly Commended paper award by Dr P.S.B.R. James (former DG CMFRI and Assistant DG (Fisheries) ICAR).

Bibha Kumari: Decreasing Trend in Participation of Women in Fish Marketing in Patna, Bihar. [Department of Environment and Water Management, A. N. College, Patna, Bihar, India]







P. Sruthi and Liya Jayalal receive their Best Poster awards from Dr B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries) ICAR.


P. Sruthi, Liya Jayalal, Nikita Gopal: Gender Roles in Fisheries along the Vembanad Estuarine System. [Central Institute of Fisheries Technology]

Liya Jayalal, P. Sruthi, Nikita Gopal:Workspaces of Women in the Ornamental Fish Value Chain in Kerala. [Central Institute of Fisheries Technology]