Reflections on Gender and Fisheries: Through the lens of presentations @ 13AFAF

The 13th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (13AFAF) was a watershed for how gender was included in Asian Fisheries Society’s triennial Forums. Gender topics were in the Plenary, as a topic session and in the Forum’s graphic elements. The gender theme has come a long way in Asian Fisheries Society and can still go much further. Three messages to take home: why and how research is practices is critical to gender; need to focus more on women’s agency rather than their victimhood and marginality; and gender relations are dynamic under changes in resources and even new technologies.

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International Women’s Day 2022- GAF

Getting to the Core Principles of Gender and Fisheries: The Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section of the Asian Fisheries Society (GAFS), celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 by releasing its Core Principles statement. The GAFS Core Principles are based on the formal Objectives in our By Laws, and our own and others’ experiences working in gender equality. The Principles have been drafted, discussed and put through open consultation among GAFS members and other interested experts.

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Towards a ‘thick description’ of gender relations: a new framework based on dried fish value chains

by Madu Galappaththi. Dried fish is considered a ‘hidden’ sub-sector within small-scale fisheries, and is particularly important in Asia and Africa. Women make up a significant portion of the workforce in this sub-sector. A new framework may reveal a thick description of gender relations.

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In fishing industry, women face hidden hardships: study

By Kiley Price. Women are the unseen backbone of seafood supply chains, supporting local food security and ensuring that fish are processed and packaged for sale at regional and national markets. A recent paper by authors from Conservation International highlights how systemic discrimination and a lack of representation and recognition in the seafood industry worldwide makes women more vulnerable to abuse.

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Substantive Equality: A useable framework for assessing human rights, allocation, and more in fisheries

By Victoria Jollands* Are you confused about what it means to talk about “equality” or “gender equality”? In this current socially enlightened age when equality and inclusion are commonly routine words in strategies, conventions, goals and other high-level pronouncements, everyone from graphic designers to legal scholars seems to be having a go at explaining what Read more about Substantive Equality: A useable framework for assessing human rights, allocation, and more in fisheries[…]

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NACA wins the Margarita Lizárraga Medal

Congratulations to NACA for winning this prestigious award! The Margarita Lizárraga Medal Award was established by the FAO Conference in 1997 to honour the memory of Dr Magarita Lizárraga, former Senior Fishery Liaison Officer, for her decisive role in promoting the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and for her productive work in the Read more about NACA wins the Margarita Lizárraga Medal[…]