Issue #3 of the Gender Section e-Newsletter released

Read the latest E-Newsletter of the Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section (GAFS) of the Asian Fisheries Society, our second COVID-19 era edition.

The E-Newsletter Editor, Surendran Rajaratnam pointed out, “COVID-19 continues to disrupt our lives and livelihoods, we have learned to endure and continue to live with the disease and the uncertainties it brings. Although the pandemic has exposed political, health, economic and social vulnerabilities of many countries, the show of resilience and global cooperation to weather the virus is applaudable.”

We thank WorldFish and the CGIAR FISH program for their generous support in producing the E-Newsletter on behalf of GAFS.

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Editorial by Surendran Rajaratnam
Message from section Chair: Take nothing for granted by Meryl Williams

Stories from Major Events for 2020 & 2021

  • GAFS Supports the Shanghai Declaration
  • Fishery Progress Social Policy consultation
  • Delivering an online course on integrating gender into fisheries economics
  • GAFS-CGIAR award for gender researchers
  • Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative’s Social and Gender Standard
  • GAF8 situation report with an update on webinars and other activities planned
  • Cultivating Equality 2021

New research and projects

  • Gendered perspectives from India’s seaweed hotspot: Lessons from the field and in the aftermath of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by Swathi Lekshmi
  • Gender equality and social inclusion in the Sustainable Fish Asia Local Capacity Development Activity by Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit
  • Wives of fishers trained on value-added fish items to sell and earn income by Mohammad Nuruzzaman
  • Gender roles and constraints to women’s participation in aquaculture: A case study of Chitwan District in Nepal by Sujata Timelsina

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Information on members and membership

  • News on GAFS members: new projects, new positions, new publications
  • Updates on membership
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