Three reports on GAF7 outcomes

Three new reports have been released on the 7th Global Conference on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF7), held in Bangkok 18-21 October 2018. These all present different types of important reportage on GAF7 and, from their different perspectives, help fill out the detail on the event. In addition, a number of presentations from GAF7 have been or are being taken further into published papers and reports, a webinar and other outputs that will contribute to the impacts of GAF7.

One report is the comprehensive overview of all GAF7 presentations, Special Workshops and events – the Long Report. This 57 page overview was undertaken by a team from GAF7 and reviewed by all the presenters before its release. We hope this will become a well used record of this very exciting Conference at which many pointers for the future were discussed, the seeds of many new ideas and concepts were planted and new friendships and collaborations forged. The Long Report gives GAF7 participants and all those who could not attend it a handy guide to all content. It can be downloaded at this Link or you can start by reading the Overview of the full report here. The report writing team was Meryl J Williams, Nikita Gopal, Rejula K, Carmen Pedroza-GutiĆ©rrez, Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit, Paul Ramirez, Ananthan P.S., Mary Barby Badayos-Jover, Alita Roxas, Sijitha Mary C.X., Janine Pierce and Afrina Choudhury.

Another welcome contribution from GAF7 was the article Expanding the Horizons that provided wise and experienced reflections on GAF7 by Nalini Nayak and Cornelie Quist of ICSF. It was published in Samudra #81 June 2019 – Link. This article, by two important pioneers who set up the ICSF Women in Fisheries programme 25 years ago, is also accompanied by a rich set of links to key ICSF gender and fisheries material that is important in the long and ongoing struggles to achieve gender equality in fisheries.


And the third report is an article also called Expanding the Horizons that was published in ICSF’s Yemaya #59 June 2019 – Link. This article described how GAF7 showcased progress towards and challenges to gender equality. It was by Meryl Williams, Nikita Gopal, Veena N, Kusakabe, Kafayat Fukoya, Cherdsak Virapat and Salin Krishna from the Organising Committee of GAF7.

Happy reading! Please also visit the GAF7 webpages for all related materials – GAF7 Webpages