Irular women in Tamil Nadu succeed in raising fish and their incomes

Irular women engaged in sea bass (Lates calcarifer) culture. Stocking, feeding, grading and segregating seed. Photos: Dr B. Shanthi.

A report and news story have come out on “Capacity building of tribal women self help groups on brackishwater aquaculture integrated with agro – based technologies” by Dr B. Shanthi,  and her colleagues M. Kailasam, K. Ambasankar,  P. Mahalakshimi, V.S. Chandrasekaran, S.M. Pillai and A.G.Ponniah, all of the the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research), Chennai, Tamil Nadu (South India). The report covers work under the tribal Sub Plan demonstration programme titled DEVELOPMENT OF ALTERNATE LIVELIHOOD OPPORTUNITIES AMONG THE (ST) WOMEN SELF HELP GROUPS THROUGH AQUACULTURE INTEGRATED WITH AGRO – BASED TECHNOLOGIES. Under this, in 2012-2013, CIBA  adopted sixty scheduled tribal women self help groups from Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts of Tamil Nadu.

Nursery rearing of brackishwater finfish Asian seabass juveniles in hapas was demonstrated among 30 Irular tribal women SHGs of Kulathumedu village, Tiruvallur dt., farm made fish feed development, ornamental fish farming and mushroom farming were demonstrated among 30 Irular tribal women SHGs at New Perungulathur, Kancheepuram dt.

Read two well illustrated short reports of the Irular women’s achievements here:

pdf_icon_smallFishing Chimes 33(3) article


Capacity building of tribal women self help groups

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