Learning from livestock and gender

Photo: ILRI

Recently we posted on ‘Learning from gender research in agriculture’, now its time to pick up some materials and methods from work being done on gender in the livestock and rural poverty realms. Here are some useful websites and materials. I thank Beth Miller for alerting us to these livestock and gender resources.

1. Poverty, gender and impact portal International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI-CGIAR)


Particularly look at the ideas for “Tools for gender and livelihood analysis” at http://www.slideshare.net/ILRI/presentation-4-tools-for-gender-and-livelihood-analysis  and download and check out this handy “Gender, Livestock and Livelihood Indicators” guide: http://mahider.ilri.org/handle/10568/3036

“This guide is a reference point for some of the important indicators that ILRI can use to monitor the changing role of livestock in livelihoods in different production systems and the impact of livestock-related interventions.”

By Jemimah Njuki and colleagues

ILRI also has a Gender and Livestock blog: http://agrigender.wordpress.com/

a. Gender and social dimensions of keeping rural livestock Africa: Download report.

b. Gender and social dimensions of keeping rural livestock South Asia: Download report.

2. IFAD Gender and Rural Poverty Portal Gender and rural poverty


A particularly useful page with many links to gender and development resources is: http://www.ruralpovertyportal.org/web/guest/topic/resources/tags/gender

Also, the site for the livestock community of practice for livestock http://www.cop-ppld.net/fileadmin/templates/cop-ppld/docs/Strategic_Framework-CoP-PPLD.pdf